Information about Sharesite


We need to change the industry

The construction industry depends on construction machinery. You need to have the machines that will make things happen. Some companies have their own fleet, some companies rely on rental companies, either way, the equipment is really expensive. Our goal is that every construction company should get the machinery they need as cost efficient as possible. The rental companies are making a lot of money, but no one really challenges them. We at Sharesite want to challenge the status quo. If you have idle fleet, share it to the world or if you need machinery, check the best prices and availability. Sharesite is free to join, we only take a small fee of every rental transaction.

Rental marketplace for construction equipment

Do you want to start your own rental business or just make your idle equipment fleet profitable? Maximize your fleet’s utilization; Just sit back and see the money coming in. You decide the prices. Sharing is caring: let’s protect our planet and make more happen with less resources.

Sharesite is a trusted community

You can  write reviews after each transaction about companies who use Sharesite. This helps in weeding out the bad apples and building trust in your marketplace community. Many studies show that sellers with positive reviews are able to get better prices for their products, and buyers’ satisfaction is guaranteed.

Sharesite Technologies Ltd. is a company based in Espoo, Finland. We are construction equipment and rental professionals, who want to make construction companies more profitable and our world a better place.