Information about Sharesite

How it works

What is Sharesite and how does it work?

Sharesite is a platform made for sharing construction equipment between companies and people by peer-to-peer rental. The method of sharing is rental, which means, that you can rent equipment or rent out your own equipment. It does not matter if you are a rental company, contractor or a private individual; Sharesite does not restrict who is able to join, the providers and buyers can be individuals or companies.

Visibility and marketing

Every member of Sharesite will have their own profile page, which they can turn into a full-fledged storefront. Storefronts will display their bio, listings, and reviews from buyers. Members can follow each other to get information when new content and equipment is added.

Availability management

The availability management system allows providers to specify their listing's availability per day, per week, per month or per hour, which is shown to users in the listing's calendar. It's a great way to avoid double bookings, increase successful bookings, and maximize user satisfaction and utilization. Users can browse listings as a list or on a map. Content can be searched by location or using keywords. 

Global payments

Sharesite's built-in payment system allows providers to receive money straight to their bank account and accept all of major credit cards. It works in 190+ countries and in 20+ currencies. Sharesite uses Stripe as it's payment transaction provider. Buyers make payments and Stripe will hold the money on behalf of the marketplace. The payout to a provider will be delayed until after the item or service has been delivered. It helps ensure that providers deliver what was purchased and make buyers feel safer making payments online.